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This is only a designs demo

JM Car Dealer - eCommerce


Let me explain the idea. The demo site presents the site of the company that sells used cars (new ones are also acceptable :) ). The company consists of 3 selling agencies (dealers) located in 3 different cities (you can create 1 or more sellers). The site gives the possibility to create an account for employee of dealer agency to let them enter car offers that come to the company. This way all offers from each agency are placed in the same database and clients can see all of them or filter cars by the separate agency.

What is more, there is an option Add To Quote that you may find very useful.

The company offers also other services like road assistance, car rental, repair and care or financial services. Let's assume that the client wants to buy one of the cars (or more) that needs repairing then asking about the quote the dealer may calculate all costs, give discount etc. Also take a look at all available gallery views navigating Extensions -> DJ-MediaTools. The gallery extension is compatibile with DJ-Catalog2 it means that you can display items seamlessly in the gallery.

Template compatibility
Joomla 3.6DJ-Catalog2 3.5.5DJ-MediaTools 2.7.2DJ-MegaMenu 3.4.4
no limitations to use other 3rd party extensions
Template version 1.02 changelog
Last update 28 July 2016
Based on framework
EF4 Framework
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3 months access to download area & support provided by DJ-Extensions team.
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Available sources
template packageframework packagedemo copy - quickstart packageextensions used on demo sitemanual.PSD slicesproduct is available to download in .ZIP package
Additional info
well documentedimmediatelly after payment confirmation instructions on how to download purchased products will be sent to your email addresslatest Joomla! version is required
installation and set up instructions you'll find in the documentation