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This is only a designs demo

Marvel - Multipurpose Onepage


This 100% responsive onepage Joomla template created with our cutting edge page builder Quix. Comes with 4 niche specific homepage design. perfectly suitable for business, agency, app and portfolio website.

Variations & Presets
Marvel - Joomla onepage template comes with four built-in home variations, huge collection and page templates. From idea to full featured website, you are just few clicks away.

Corporate Landing Page
Marvel corporate variation is perfect for your business website. Build anything and everything without writing any code. Showcase your service and portfolio with easy to use Quix elements.

App Landing Page
You need a beautiful website for your fantastic app. With thin Joomla portfolio template and Quix you will save time.Make sure every minute you spend working on your App is focused and productive.

Creative Landing Page
Marvel - Joomla onepage template is creative for those people who are more methodical with a keen eye and focus on procedural perfection. Creativity is the ability to craft something new that never existed before. We are really proud of our Marvel - Creative that comes with something unique.

Agency Variation
No matter what type of services you are offering through your organization, you have only a few seconds to pick your visitor's attention before s/he moves on. You will find something unique that is perfect for your agency in our Marvel - Agency that will help you to achieve the target.

Floating Bar
The floating bar area automatically visible when you scroll down to your website so that you can display extra links or social icon quickly. Menu published on this position will automatically rotate down.

One Page & Dot Nav
Marvel Joomla onepage template comes with two different navigation types, which you can enable or disable from Marvel administration. One navbar can be set to sticky mode so that it remains at the top of the browser window when scrolling down the page. The other one is the dot navigation stick to right side of the webpage.

Responsive Design
Like all ThemeXpert templates, Marvel completely responsive, mobile-friendly and optimized. Whether your visitors view your website on a desktop, laptop, tablets, or a smartphone, your website will always look great.

T3 Framework
Marvel is built with the T3 framework, the most advanced and open source framework for Joomla. It helps us to speed up the design and development with a bundle of features, customizable layout, flat front-end, and back-end setting panel. It suits on top of Joomla integrating into HTML5, Bootstrap V3, LESS, Font Awesome V(3 & 4) and much more.

Extensive Admin Options Panel

We offer an extensive admin options panel with Marvel template, T3 framework helps us to meet this challenge. You can now handle the functionalities from the administrator panel of Joomla. So life became comfortable now, isn't it?

Quix Page Builder PRO
Marvel is powered by Quix, the most powerful and advanced drag and drops page builder available in the market, compatible with all frameworks and any templates. With lots of features of Quix, you can build anything within a minute.

Drag & Drop
Build simple to complex layout with Quix drag and drop interface. Everything of your website is mouse drag away.
Responsive Controls
Quix is designed to help you make better responsive website. Take advantage of responsive controls and column resizing, only sky is the limit.

Interactive Contents Blocks
Marvel comes with so many interactive elements such as portfolio, carousel, team and testimonial. You can customize all elements without writing a single line of code. Thanks to Quix collection feature that made everything re-usable. Build one time and re-use anywhere inside Joomla!