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Fortune - Elderly Care and Old Age


Fortune is a purpose-oriented Joomla template especially aimed at care facilities for seniors, nursing homes, old-age homes, charity, and any social initiatives for the elderly. This clean, elegant, and well-thought template offers you a collection of pre-made pages, layouts, and content to create the best senior care website.


This template comes with 2 homepage variations allowing you to set up a unique website as you need. Fortune was designed creatively and uses a nice color scheme. The template offers quite a bunch of internal layouts (Fundraising Campaigns, Memory Wall, Services, Events, Pricing, Gallery), and sections that you can mix and match accordingly.


The Fortune QuickStart pack includes SP Page Builder Pro inside (save $49) so you can create and edit web pages using its front-end drag-and-drop live editing system and powerful addons. Easily add text, images, animations, interactions, and video clips to your pages.


Fortune is built with Helix Ultimate and SP Page Builder Pro. We offer a raw template and QuickStart if you want to start with the demo content, Joomla, and SP Page Builder Pro preinstalled.


A large percentage of every country’s population is older adults. They are the ones who need to be taken care of. Old-age home & elderly care is one of the most important services for senior citizens nowadays. Having all these in mind, we bring you Fortune, elderly care and old age home Joomla template to take any senior citizen care service online.


Fortune comes with modern design, functionalities, and all required pages to create a full-fledged elderly care website. You can showcase services, list doctors and nurses as your team members, arrange events, ask for donations, and do many more. Either you are running a non-profit old age home or offer elderly care services as a business, Fortune is for you.


Core features in Fortune, the elderly care Joomla template:
2 home variations to serve different purposes
Elderly care and old-age home service showcasing
Donation and fundraising campaign ready
Memory Wall for departed souls
Gallery to frame beautiful memories of the elderly people
3 different pricing models to serve your needs
Dedicated About page
Senior citizen events
Blog with 2 variations
SP Page Builder Pro and Helix Ultimate
Priority support and detailed documentation


Elderly Care and Fundraising Website Solution
Fortune has all you need to start and run a successful elderly care or old age home service online. From showcasing services, listing team members, sharing memories, to displaying pricing, this old-age care Joomla template gives the power to present your service online.


Create a complete elderly care website with required features
A website solution that requires no third-party extensions
Have services, raise funds, display teams, and do much more


Senior Care - Elderly Care Agency Home Variation
A modern home variation dedicatedly built for agencies to cater to the services that elderly people need. You can find a visual representation of older adults, services, and how these services are offered and many more on this home page.


Built with professional elderly care business agency in mind
Impress visitors with a hero section containing a pop-up video & CTA buttons
Showcase fundraising stats and events in a special part of your site


Old Age Home - Donation and Non-profit Home Variation
The old age home layout is designed for non-profit organizations. You can showcase services, stats of raised funds, service stats, and so on. Any organization looking to build an online presence for their old age home can build a site with this layout easily.


Welcome visitors with a video, contact info and CTA buttons
Showcase services and have a sneak peek of your agency
Display caregivers, volunteers, and teams in different sections


Donation and Fundraising Campaigns
While running a non-profit elderly care centre you might want to collect some donations to support your noble cause. Fortune brings you 2 dedicated pages for donations and any fundraising campaigns you want to run on your site.


Donation & Fundraising: Interested people have a system to donate one time or on a monthly basis via a nicely designed donation form. They can select the amount, choose payment gateway, update, and renew membership on the same page.
Campaigns: Your visitors can also view all of the ongoing campaigns in a single place. Besides having a sneak peek of some campaigns on the donation page, the campaign pages list all of them here.


Reminisce with Memory Wall & Gallery
While running a non-profit elderly care centre you might want to collect some donations to support your noble cause. Fortune brings you 2 dedicated pages for donations and any fundraising campaigns you want to run on your site.


Memory Wall: Showcase sneak peeks of the moments in the hero section. You can have profiles of your supporters and enlist elderly people who have passed away after staying considerable time here.
Gallery: Make elderly people’s moments unforgettable with a wonderful gallery. You can frame all of their best moments and your volunteers, nurses, and doctors in it to present how supportive your care center is.


3 Different Pricing Models to Serve Your Needs
If you are running an elder care agency, you need to come up with a pricing model that suits you best. Having that in mind, we have designed 3 different pricing models to serve your purpose. Choosing one out of these three would be sufficient for you.


Eye-catching pricing plans designed for higher conversions
List each service item to showcase what that pricing offers
Mark included items, feature the best plan, and do many more


Dedicated About Page
Talk about your entity, values, activities, experience and more. Fortune’s about page covers it all. Present your organization, team, activities with richly designed elements and visuals to draw maximum attention and build trust in the interested persons’ minds.


Describe your business/organization & activities in a special segment
Showcase the stats of your team members, volunteers, and sponsors
Have testimonials and present your official journey in a timeline


Arrange Events for Senior Citizens
Sometimes you need to arrange events to make people aware of their roles and responsibilities towards senior citizens. Fortune gives you the opportunity to arrange such events and a page to list all of them nicely.


Arrange events and list all of them in a single page for people to attend
Describe each event with their time, about, schedule, venue, and more
Showcase Google map of the location for interested people to find easily


Engaging Blog with 2 Variations
Fortune brings you an exclusively designed 2 blog variations. Publish useful elderly care articles, news, notices, announcements, stories or any other things related to elderly people. Reach potential customers easily through engaging content marketing.


Out of the box blog design with a sidebar and without a sidebar
Mobile-friendly and easy to navigate articles on both of the variations
Wonderful single page design that will hold readers’ attention


Built-in Pages For Faster Site Launch
The Fortune Joomla template has a bunch of built-in pages that help you launch an elderly care website in the least possible time. You just need to change the given demo content to get started. Get contact, coming soon, registration, and 404 pages to go with.


Contact: Let the interested visitors contact you via the phone number, maps, contact form, and physical address shown on the page.
Coming Soon: Let the site visitors know what goodies are coming for them next on a nicely designed coming soon page.
404: A predesigned 404 page intended to save you from oopsie moments and a big bold button to head home.


SP Page Builder Pro and Helix Ultimate
The Fortune Joomla template is built with the powerful SP Page Builder Pro and Helix Ultimate. Its intuitive live site-building mechanism is going to make your development phase a breeze.


Create, edit, and style your content on the fly
Ease of developing website on the front-end with real-time change viewer
Enjoy the other benefits of these 2 popular Joomla dev tools