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This is only a designs demo



Calimera is a trendy Restaurant + Bar + Coffee Shop Joomla template. The name Calimera comes from the greek word "Kalimera" ("good morning" in both Greek and Griko). Our initial idea was to build a fresh and modern restaurant/ bar template. Calimera is a perfect match for any site in the food industry offering great number of features. Built on the powerful Helix 3 framework, Calimera will take your restaurant to the next step.

All 3 dedicated home pages come with unique ideas which you can use on your site. The quickstart includes all demo modules.


The most important decision to make before proceeding with your installation is whether you should install the template manually, or if you can use the Quickstart package, which will install everything for you.

Which installation method you should use depends on the current status of your site. Also, before installing either the template manually or the Quickstart Package, please make sure you meet the Joomla! and the template requirements.


  • Apache 2.2+ or Microsoft IIS 7 (Apache strongly recommended)
  • PHP 5.4+ (PHP 5.5+ Recommended)
  • MySQL 5.1+
  • Joomla 3.4+

Also, please have a look at the Joomla requirements. Basically, they are the same as the above, but you will find some additional details there.

Quickstart Installation

The Quickstart Package consist of a full installation of Joomla! that installs Joomla itself, the template, the extensions, the demo content and the database data to match our demo layout. Have in mind that as this is a full Joomla! installation it may only be used on a clean server; the package cannot be installed in an existing Joomla installation. It can only be used when you start a new project/website.

Installing the Quickstart Package is a fairly simple process. Generally, a Quickstart install will consist of these small steps:

  1. Ensure you have installed an FTP client and prepared a database for your server, or have the credentials for an existing database.
  2. Download and extract the Quickstart Package.
  3. FTP the extracted Quickstart contents to your preferred install location.
  4. Open your browser to the install location on your server to begin the Joomla! installation process, entering the database credentials where required.

Once this final step is complete you will have a fresh install of Joomla!, along with the template and all the settings and content needed to match the demo, including sample article content. However, the images from the demo will NOT be included, as they are licensed via a third party. Instead, blank placeholder images will be included so that you can customize the content easily with your own images. For some users, the above steps are all that is needed for a successful installation of the Quickstart Package, but for those who are less experienced with this process, we recorded the following video.

Manual Installation

Manual Installation refers to installing the template on your Joomla! powered website. This means you already have a website with content items, modules, extensions, so you just decided you want to improve the design of your website.

Manual installation steps:

  1. Download the template-only file, which will be called tpl_it_TEMPLATE-NAME.zip.
  2. Go to Joomla administration > Extensions > Manage > click on the Browse button > locate the template file > install the template.
  3. Finally go to Extensions > Template manager > and set the template as default.