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Ares Murphy - Portfolio & Resume


Ares Murphy is a well-designed, creative, responsive and multipurpose Joomla! 3 template for designers, web agencies, individual professionals such as bloggers, photographers, graphic/UX experts, developers or for all those who need an online presence, resume, portfolio, personal site or blog. It includes five different built-in template variants. Ares Murphy is a 5-in-one Joomla template. After QuickStart installation, you can easily create a perfect portfolio, blog, resume or personal website in minutes. It looks great on desktop computers, laptops, phones, tablets and other devices. The piece is flexible enough to be applied on all niches not only the suggested service areas. The template code is clean from vulnerabilities or security issues.

Ares Murphy is developed on JoomShaper’s Helix 3 template framework. Our multi-tool & easy to use SP Page Builder 2 Pro is included in the QuickStart package which means adding and editing elements on a page is fast and intuitive with live frontend visual drag and drop system. Improve your personal web presentation - start right now!

Overview Ares Murphy is the December 2016 template from JoomShaper. It’s a fully responsive Joomla template for professionals, businesses and individuals to build their portfolios, flagship blogs and resume websites. The template is also suitable for a team of individuals or professionals to host a site displaying their skills and services. Let’s take a look at the core features of the Ares Murphy template. Five template variations: Portfolio, Blog, Resume, Individual and Photography Stunning portfolio with various filtering and design options Instagram Gallery addon for better networking Full-fledged blog variation with modern and premium look RTL, translation and Retina ready Based on Helix 3 and Powered by SP Page Builder Pro Top-class customer support Ares Murphy is a beautiful, organized, multipurpose and lightweight Joomla template with all modern facilities to host a portfolio, dedicated blog or resume site in less than half-an-hour. Developing a site with Ares Murphy doesn’t demand any prior coding knowledge. You can use the industry-leading drag and drop tool SP Page Builder Pro prepackaged for free in the template. Let’s check the detailed features below.

Five Template Variations Ares Murphy is effectively a five-in-one template. We’re presenting 5 completely different layouts in a single package. You’re getting a professional Portfolio variation, a Blog variation, a Resume variation, a Photography variation and an Individual variation. Born to be Unique You will find Ares Murphy unique and that’s what we’ve made it like. The Template can be used in unique purposes like professional portfolios, model/celebrity/business blogs, online resume sites, photography portfolios and individual/personal sites. Dedicated for a Reason We’re offering Ares Murphy in such a combo package for a definitive reason. It’s not “Just another Joomla template”, it’s something different. You’ll find it through reading this feature list.

Portfolio Template Variation The Portfolio variation is all about showcasing your personal/professional experiences and achievements. The template focuses on a clean and bold portfolio appearance. Simply Informative Ares Murphy Portfolio variation is very simple. The UI is appealing and the UX is warm. Your visitors will discover the design useful. The Storyteller A portfolio of any business or individual depicts the story of their past activities and achievements. Ares Murphy does this effectively. Visitors can filter the portfolio items live by several criteria. Also, there is an Instagram photo gallery to make your site prettier.

Blog Template Variation Businesses and individual professionals often want to get a dedicated blog section to grow their community. Ares Murphy’s Blog variation is perfect for this. Pro Design The blog variation of Ares Murphy has a premium design that can make a long-standing positive impression in a visitor’s mind. The big top intro and the conspicuous typography are really mindblowing. Minimal The blog archive has a sidebar to the right by default. This will help you put more contents for additional information. The single post page shows the blog contents only for a distortion-free reading.

Resume Template Variation An online resume can be of a great convenience to a busy professional as well as a fresh beginner. It saves the time of uploading PDF resumes. Again, online resumes are more interactive and capacious than other media. Superb Design The Ares Murphy resume variation gets a beautiful design that will certainly add a great value to anyone’s resume. It presents information in an organized manner which is very crucial for creating a great resume. Download Option Besides the online version, a user can also upload a document file to the server and make that downloadable for printing or reference purposes. The template is really visionary.

Individual Template Variation The Individual variation is about your personal/professional experiences and achievements. It’s carefully designed for models/celebrities and passionate individuals who want to showcase their works. Nicely Functional Ares Murphy Individual variation is designed to function. Advanced Modal addon lets you have images, video, colors etcetera as a background and display texts on it. Eye-catching Look The Individual variation is made differently. We’ve created a special addon Advanced Modal having gorgeous presentation style. The variation is really spectacular in look.

Support & Updates Not only that Ares Murphy is packed with latest web technologies, it also ensures you will keep getting seamless performance, solid support and updates. Regular Updates We update our products on a regular basis. We have a long tradition regarding this. Still, if you ever feel that a fix is required for any of our products, please contact us. We’ll get back to you ASAP. Dedicated Support We have a dedicated team to offer an outstanding customer support experience. Our forum is a nice place to ask questions and get solutions quickly.