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Hope Joomla template - all in one solution for any charity website dealing with raising funds. With the Hope quickstart pack, you get the complete website setup for non-profit & NGO, fundraising organizations run by volunteers. This is an excellent way of showing the impact and scale of a charity organization’s efforts. Donations are handled through a Donation addon, you can use PayPal as a payment gateway.

Hope has 2 homepage variations. This powerful template maintains a clean layout and makes a great use of color and section styling. It gives you huge flexibility and saves you plenty of time. Homepages and all subpages are very intuitive and easily customizable. Based on a modular Bootstrap design, Hope is natively responsive, cross-compatible with browsers, desktop, and mobile devices.

The creative and beautiful structure of the Hope Joomla! template is the perfect tool to set up any charity, fundraising, non-profit, NGO, social agency, voluntary organization, social worker's group, and any other related projects. Developed with the latest of technologies and has all the ingredients to maximize your website success by holding the visitor engagement on the site. With Hope we help donors change the world.

Now let's have a peek at what are in the offerings with the template Hope.

2 home variations
SP Page Builder Pro
Helix3 framework
Frontend live customization
Drag and drop site building
Fully responsive
Super functional Donation addon
New Social Media addon
Improved Person, Article addon
New Upcoming Events addon
Volunteers and Causes pages
Ajax Contact Form addon, Blog
Translation & RTL ready, Retina ready.
Dedicated support

Default Home Layout
The default home layout of Hope bears the elegance of this template with stunning design and all required features.

Ingenious Design
The design of this home layout is crafted with the utmost care from dawn to dusk to satisfy the every need of a charity website.

Every element of the Hope template is detail oriented and bears the crucial expressive task of engaging visitors to the noble work of charity.

Secondary Home Layout
The secondary home layout of Hope is developed with focusing on charity events, developing care and expressing the urge of charity works.

Focused Elements
The contents of Hope’s second home variation are focused and placed in the proper place with beautifully tailored nifty designs.

Homeless After Hurricane
Present visitors site purposes more clearly. It has a useful slider, events display, donation collector, campaign status indicator etc.

Present Causes
Hope enables you to present causes for charity iniatives with texts, images, and multimedia contents. Causes are special stories that are created with articles and enhanced with SP Page Builder.

The Full Picture
Causes are presented with each of their background stories, so that, the visitors can have a clear understanding of the situation and donate spontaneously.

Donation Boxes
Every cause page comes with a full functional donation box to give the visitor a quick access to the donation system (PayPal / PayPal Giving Fund) whenever they feel the urge to contribute.

Hope lets you call for volunteers and get them registered with your initiative. There is a built-in volunteer page designed to recognise the faces behind the charity works with their complete profiles and social connectivity options.

Make a Team
The Hope volunteer page comes with a complete team profile with carefully designed thumbnail and social engagement options.

Volunteer Engagement
Hope brings a well functional volunteer system to let the new volunteers to be engaged with the organization.

Brand New Addons
For the purpose of the template, and to give you super easy modification methods, Hope comes with 4 newly developed dedicated addons with SP Page Builder.

Donation Addon
The super functional donation addon lets you set up the donation boxes quickly anywhere in the website with donation amounts and call to action options.

Social Media Addon
Add quick social media connectivity options to your charity site with Hope’s specialized Social Media addon and let your audience stay in touch more easily.

Improved Addons
We’ve improved 7 of the SP Page Builder addons to fulfil easy customization purposes and ensure quick accesses.

Article Addon
The Article addon is now more improved, some customized fields are added to save you time while managing your articles on a site built with Hope template.

Person Addon
The Person addon has now more design fields and quick access options to modify team or other profile sections easily.

Charity Blog
Hope blog is amazingly designed with thumbnailed block article display which ensures enhanced content presentation and outcast.

Grid Based Design
The Hope blog is crafted with amazing grid based design with eye-catching elements, in order to hold and satisfy the reader's time in the article.

Unlimited Features
There are plenty of exciting blog features such as categorized post display, popular post list, social media connectivity, sharing options, comment integration support and more.

Translation and Retina Ready
Hope comes with the total freedom in website content strategy. Retina standard, multiple languages, and RTL are the native features of Hope.

Multiple Languages
You can use multiple languages and translations in your website with ease. The template also supports Right-to-left languages like Arabic, Hebrew etc.

Retina Ready
You don’t have to face a single moment of glitch regarding your site’s fitting in higher resolution displays as Hope supports ‘Retina’ display standards.

AcyMailing Newsletter
Hope opens up a new way to communicate with your stakeholders and keep them informed via newsletters using AcyMailing component.

Stay Connected
Manage your subscribers, organize email lists, import Joomla user emails, run fast and quick newsletter campaigns, and do much more using AcyMailing.

Time Saving
AcyMailing in-built newsletter templates gives you quick access to launch email campaigns along with endless customizations for a better output.

Helix3 Framework
Hope is developed on the top of our revolutionary Helix3 framework. It has a unique set of features that are hugely useful for both the developers and end users.

Unlimited Layouts
As a developer, you can create as many layouts as you want with Helix3 framework. With its versatile and flexible features, the output is always visually gorgeous and responsive.

Manage Typography
Effortlessly manage and modify all the typography related stuff with Helix3. Customize the font related modifications and colors easier than ever before.

SP Page Builder Pro
The Hope template layouts are powered by SP Page Builder Pro, our revolutionary visual drag and drop Joomla page composer. SP Page Builder turns site building into fun with it’s easy functional editor.

Visual Site Building
Build your website without coding a single line. Dragging and dropping your desired contents would perfectly do the job for you.

Save Resources
SP Page Builder saves time and money to an incredible extent. It demands comparatively less manpower deployment in your workforce by reducing the time and skill requirements for developing a website.