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Real strength and success of Politician relies on their campaign. In most cases it is not about their skills, experience, professionalism but about how well they can promote and “sell” themselves to public. And this Joomla 3.8 template can help them improve creating image. Politist was created as a ready web solution for any political, election and other social movements websites, political party sites, local candidate profiles and other political websites that require newsletter and e-commerce features (HikaShop). A featured content area resides on each page allowing you to present your most important message in a consistent and forward looking way. The SP Page Builder (Pro) interface will let you easily and powerfully edit and customize the layout of any page. The clean responsive layout follows current design trends, and offers both a boxed and open layout.

Everything you need in a template made with premium design perfect for a political campaigner or political campaign and exceptional functionality. By purchasing the template you will also get Quickstart, which includes demo data and Joomla itselft.

Campaign Timeline Module Do you arrange campaigns frequently? We’ve got a better way to present them. Politist sports dynamic Campaign Timeline module which can present your latest campaigns in a series. The module will sort your campaigns by date and display as a series. More Information SP Campaign Timeline module also has a Short Biography section on the top which is a great place to put some brief introductory texts about the political person for whom the site is built. The whole Campaign Timeline section supports custom backgrounds that means you can choose an image and/or colorful layers. It’s an amazing feature to provide a glimpse on your all campaigns at onc
SP Pagebuilder Pro Version SP Page Builder is a revolutionary and the most complete drag-and-drop Content Construction Kit (CCK) for Joomla. With this magical tool you can easily build or customize your website just in few mouse clicks. Using SP Page Builder doesn’t require any coding knowledge that means anyone can shape their dream site in less than half an hour. Saves Resource It significantly saves website development time and budget. SP Page Builder premium version is included in the Politist template package so you save $39 instantly! Enjoy its 41+ premium and custom addons, create any layout and wow the world.
re-Proof We’ve built this template with far-reaching thoughts in mind. We’ve used future-proof technologies in Politist which ensures that you will be able to enjoy it with foreseeable upcoming web standards. JoomShaper’s brilliant developer and support members are always ready to assist you with any issue. Dedicated Support Should you face a problem with your Politist based site, don’t hesitate to post a question on our forums. Got a suggestion for improvement? Tell us that too. We will be updating the template regularly. It will be really an awesome thing to add features to Politist suggested by our users.