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This is only a designs demo

TechNews Reviews


Boasting innovative layout design inspired by Google Material Design, TechNews is a multi-talented Joomla template that can be used as a base for a range of magazine portal websites, overflowing with features including three header styles to pick from, post previews and slideshows in a responsive layout that looks amazing on every kind of modern device. Throw in animated author ratings and simple slideshows in articles that are just perfect for reviews, video showcases with popup lightbox for easy video viewing and preset advertising space ready for a range of common banner sizes, you can get a top-of-the-line website ready for your content in minutes.

Producing high-quality content is tough enough without having to worry about building your website from scratch. Our quickstart package will take you from a clean server to a complete Joomla installation, with all the modules, configuration and demo content you need to match our demo layout. Then, take advantage of the advanced typography, clean, readable post layouts and pre-prepared advertising spaces ready for all manner of advert sizes, from square sidebar blocks (300x300px) to traditional banner ads (728x90px). Everything is in place for you to start promoting your content the instant your site goes live, with no messy configuration.

All it takes is one topical or incisive write-up to bring a whole load of new visitors to your site, but that's the easy part; the hard part is convincing them to stick around! Frontpage post previews can work wonders for bringing your bounce-rate down, but what about visitors who enter your site from another angle, such as through a direct post link? TechNews is ready, thanks to the power of our Tabs GK5 and NSP modules, your sidebar can introduce your most popular articles in expansive tabs, and bring up any related articles at the bottom of each post to keep users moving through your site.