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Mega Inc


Mega Inc is a clean, gorgeous, and fully responsive Joomla template for all kinds of businesses, corporate firms, and agencies. This template offers so many options so you can develop a unique online presence every time for every client. This multi-purpose premium template will add a touch of professionalism and class to any business website. Mega Inc aims at a true distinctive vibe in the competition. The Mega Inc QuickStart is packed with other tools (Helix Ultimate Framework, SP Simple Portfolio, etc.) required in order to craft amazing sites. This business Joomla template is the right choice if you are looking to create a truly unique and professional business, agency, corporate or portfolio website without touching a single line of code, literally. Let your creativity run free, backed with Mega Inc, today!

Mega Inc Overview
Mega Inc is an inclusive corporate agency website template on Joomla. It’s a modern, creative, and elegantly designed Joomla template to build corporate agency websites at scale. Mega Inc is best suited for corporate, business, portfolio, digital marketing, advertising company, creative agency, and relevant websites.

With this business Joomla template, you can present any business portfolio, display services, and showcase pricing plans to convert visitors into customers. Use predesigned elements and build a business website with industry-leading tools.

Let’s take a look at the Mega Inc features.

Modern and elegant design
3 different color variations
Stunning mega menu
Predesigned elements
Advanced project planner
Creative corporate blog
Conversion friendly pricing design
Portfolio showcasing
Built-in pages
SP Page Builder Pro and Helix Ultimate
Priority support, detailed documentation & updates

Modern Design
Mega Inc is an elegantly designed modern Joomla template for business, corporate, and agency websites. The business Joomla template has an impressive look to attract visitors. With the right combination of videos, images, texts, and sections, it has everything to power a modern business website.

3 Color Variations: We know that the color of a site matters. This is why Mega Inc has 3 different preset colors while the design in all them stays the same.

Mega Menu: Mega Inc ensures the highest level of site navigation with mega menu. One can access any of the important pages right from the menu.

Pre-designed Section Elements
This business Joomla template gives you limitless flexibility to personalize your site with designs and contents of your choice. As a part of that, it has plenty of pre-designed elements made with SP Page Builder addons to be used on any page of your site.

Beautify the website pages with nicely designed preset elements
Use multiple types of sections of your choice
Replace the default sections with the given pre-designed ones
Make the best use of SP Page Builder addons with these designs

Service Showcasing
Let the visitors know about the services the business offers. Show them the specialities, strategies, exclusive features, and more in different sections. Present them with visuals and nicely formatted text contents to tell more.

Showcase services smartly with multiple types of contents
Display service specialities in a dedicated section
Have a full-width video in a popup to show more
Present different sections with images to attract visitors

Project Presentation with SP Simple Portfolio
With Mega Inc business Joomla template, you can have the projects displayed on a wonderful listing page. Segment projects by different categories and present them smartly. The project detail page has a nice design to show the contents individually.

Project Listing: Showcase the listed projects all in one place. Have some projects featured at the top. Display recent projects then present all with a categorized tab-to-filter system.

Project Details: Describe each project with details including features, images, videos, and different text areas. Showcase project information in tabs.

SP Simple Portfolio: Projects in Mega Inc are powered by SP Simple Portfolio component so that you can add and display projects easily.

Advanced Project Planner
The website you are building has a definite goal. It’s to convince people to complete their projects with the target business. Let the people know more about projects, show prerequisites & steps, present a form to get started with their project planning.

Show the prerequisites to have clients’ projects done by you
Display your working methods and steps in lists and images
Have a contact form to get client and project details
Showcase a downloadable project planning checklist

Dedicated About Page
The Mega Inc About page has been designed uniquely. It showcases what a business is about with processes, stats, team members, special features, and awards & recognition to build visitors’ trust and convince them to take services.

Business Method: Showcase how the business works. You can display the business methods in different steps.

Special Features: Tell the visitors about the company features in a special section with titles, short descriptions, and icons.

Team Members: Present the team members with their names, designations, and images beautifully.

Awards & Recognitions: Display the business recognitions, awards, and other credentials.

Conversion Friendly Pricing Design
With Mega Inc business Joomla template, you have the opportunity to showcase pricing in a completely different way. On this page, you can let the visitors download a catalog then start showing the prices.

Describe each chunk of the projects with their expenses
Showcase the charges with offered services
Have a call-to-action button for each of the plans

Corporate Blog
Get visitors to the corporate site by publishing relevant business articles, news, announcements or any other stuff related to the business niche. It helps target & reach potential customers/clients with different contents.

Easier navigation with mobile-friendly grid based blog design
Visually appealing content presentation for better readability
Eye-pleasing single page with rating, share, print & email options

Built-in Pages
Mega Inc business Joomla template comes with a bunch of built-in pages that you can use to create a corporate or business website in the least possible time. You just need to change the given demo contents.

Contact: Let the interested visitors contact the business via phone number, maps, contact form, and physical address shown on the page.

Coming Soon: Let the site visitors know what goodies are coming for them next on a nicely designed coming soon page.

Registration: Self-explanatory user-friendly form fields to get intended visitors registered easily.

SP Page Builder Pro and Helix Ultimate
This corporate agency & business Joomla template is built using SP Page Builder Pro that offers a blazing fast drag & drop website development experience. Mega Inc is built on top of Helix Ultimate, the world’s best Joomla template framework.

SP Page Builder Pro: Build & customize everything visually on the frontend with the super functional frontend live editor of SP Page Builder Pro.

Helix Ultimate Framework: With Helix Ultimate, develop an unlimited number of layouts. Build, style, and customize your own sections and make 100% responsive and mobile friendly layouts with it.