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Meteor - Newspaper & magazine


The Meteor template is an excellent choice for a newspaper, magazine, publishing or review site. Meteor comes with a mobile-first-design, AMP Support, 4 article layouts, 8 Article Element layouts, 8+ Header variations, EasySocial ready, and so much more!

Without writing a single string of code, build your - most people engaging online Newspaper / Magazine with the next generation intuitive pagebuilder Quix

Integrated With EasyBlog
Meteor Template Integrated With EasyBlog
Key Features
Quix profoundly helps to boost-up your development process without writing any code.
Gives you total control over you template layout, module positions, css/js optimization and much more.
Modern, elegant and functional pages are ready to be customized with minimum effort.
Responsiveness in its each portion. It always appears in proper look, no matter which devices it's visiting from.
Easy to get started with 3 simple steps
Create a Quix page and import the pages comes with the template.
Experience the sleek designed pages instantly and ready to drag-drop.


Choose your preferred Home layout

From uniquely crafted 5 different homepage layouts, pick your most preferred one. More is coming soon and as soon as they arrive, just click on the update button from your admin dashboard and it's in your hand to use.

An elegant combination of multiple article grid styles, popular post, social share button including the date element at the top.


Box Layout
Current Date/ Time Element
Instant Article Load
Its crafted in such a way- makes itself incredibly fit for Fashion news with its modern layout arrangement.


Smart Gradient
Featured Article
Differently Combined various Grid Styles
Differently combined various grid styles along with proper placement for adds appearing- makes it completed from every portion.


Smart Tab
Smooth Animation
The Design itself makes you feel- its the best fit for Sports news. Highlighted sponsored article, top news, as well as popular news including smart color gradient are some must mentionable features.


Sponsored Article
Popular & Top News
Elegant Color Gradient
Unique typography and layout combination makes it different from its competitors and drags it out of the crowd. Best fit for Magazine.


Unique Typography
Spotlight Area
Stylish Megamenu

Responsive first next generation pagebuilder for Joomla!

Allows to get any simple to complex layout with a few clicks.

Lets you do everything without a single string of code, just by drag & drop.

No fixed column layout. On the fly, create your preferred style while the adjustment is a few clicks away.

Smartly load any element inside Joomla components.

It's a matter of a second to undo a performed task or do it over again.

Capable of showing the preview instantly in a new window.

rgba(41, 46, 74, 0.9)
Effortlessly use Parallax effect including a bunch of built-in animation in any Section or Row.

rgba(41, 47, 74, 0.9)
With 50+ premium elements, you have limitless possibilities to create anything you think.


Supported with all known Browsers
No matter which browser the readers visit from, it always looks and feels the same for its cross-browser compatibility. It doesn’t even matter the browser’s version. The well-structured code plays the vital role.


AMP Supported
Since we know, a significant amount of traffic comes from mobile devices. Meteor doesn't leave any chance to miss a single among them.


Supported with AMP means- all the contents loads instantly load on any sized of smartphone devices in incredibly flash speed. This Joomla magazine template ensures an ever-smooth readability that leads to generating a smart amount of regular readers from mobile devices.

Highly Clean Code Inside
While building Meteor, it's one of the vital things- we considered to make sure and so the result is.

Along with the whole, our developer team has 9 years of experience, working in this area, which leads the code is tested perfectly, following the most advanced web standards.

SEO Optimized
It's incredibly SEO friendly that resulting your site quickly get indexed by all popular search engines. It smartly helps to appear at the top in search results and getting more targeted traffic roaming over the internet.

Flexibly light templates, super-fast troubleshooting and ease of use. #ThemeXpert is a top-notch premium template provider! #quix

Zak Web and Graphic Designer

Multiple Header Styles
Meteor Joomla magazine template has 5 header styles to pick from. Each of them is highly responsive with an elegant color combination on their surface and able to create an everlasting impression on your website. Its able to give your readers the best visual experience they ever had.

All you find visually in the front-end is generated and managed with our custom Joomla Article Element, specially made for Joomla online magazine template - Meteor. Its extensible capability lets you define article layout from an array of presets including to handle every single thing- the way you like.

8 Article Layouts
So, what do you think- are you limited with fixed layout? Literally, you are not as you’ve Meteor Article Element next to your hand.

You have eight different styles in-built. Differently combined each section, columns as well as the elements and of course the placement for advertises from the sponsors. You can find uniquely used the color gradient on the featured posts including sponsored articles which take your news site to the next level outright.

Now, eager to know the interesting part?

Honestly, you have the countless possibilities to assemble the style as you like and how you like.

Its one of the unavoidable variants that a news portal site should have, isn’t it?

This remarkably swift element provide you the flexibility to show the most trending / breaking news anywhere you like.

Video Element
There is no such intelligent way than a video in order to represent a news or message visually. Meteor video element supports videos from multiple sources (Youtube and Vimeo) and allows you to put anywhere on your website.

RTL Supported
I personally consider this feature as one of smartest of all. Meteor is entirely RTL supported, means- even all Left to Right languages (Hebrew, Arabic) also appear properly on all pages, regardless for all smart devices.

Lazy Load Image
There is utterly no chance- you lose a single visitor, not being compromised with slow loading speed.

The readers wouldn’t get bored even if the internet connection is too slow. All content load instantly next to the eyes including the images load parallelly with quick loading animation meanwhile.

I have tried a variety of ‘easy’ and ‘quality’ templates and template builders over the years and always felt I had just wasted my money. Since discovering #Themexpert, smooth and stylish templates, 100% responsive, and fast and easy to customize, are now a breeze. My clients are happy and I’m impressed.

Camille Scott Founder, CSBN

Sticky Sidebar
We've put sticky sidebar option to boost up your flexible using experience. Enabling or switch it off is just a click away. You will find the configuration under template options panel.

Ajax Search
It highly ensures possibly the most flexible searching-experience ever, providing the faster search result. It allows filtering the results with the category and post type including Google autocomplete and keyword suggestions.

Megamenu profoundly helps the user to faster jumps to specific contents. It's entirely your wish how you prefer to arrange it with multiple columns including a unique combination of texts and images inside the menu. It ensures the most trendiness in its competition.

Give your readers the reason to remember your site and come back here again and over again.


Social Share
Elegant integration of Social Share button lets your readers share the post they like, with ease. Every post includes multiple social sharing buttons underneath it, requires just a click and the post is done sharing.

Multiple Post Formats
To create posts in various formats is no longer the work to anxious of. Just to define- what type of post it would be and fill the content field. It will generate your desired post in the certain format. All control is extremely under your access.

Bunch of built-in Pages
Don’t take panic worrying about to make your site from the sketch while it comes with all must have pages in-built. A little modification can return you the output that you exactly want else the pagebuilder Quix lets you customize you with possibly the most comfortable approach.

This is the first #template I have purchased from #Themexpert and I will definitely purchase from them again. Being unfamiliar with their template engine I had a few issues but the support was quick, efficient and friendly. Lovely template, great service!

Janey Cramer Owner, Muse Web

Multiple Category Page Style
Meteor is made, taking every single aspect in mind for its niche. Its packed with multiple category page styles- uniquely combining the sidebar and different modules only to ensure your best web experience ever.

Built-in Commenting System
Meteor brings multiple commenting system in-built. It creates an ever-engaging environment leads to boostup the conversion rate from a visitor to a regular reader. Readers can share their opinion on each post using their Facebook as well as Disqus account which appears in the comment area instantly.

Instant Article Preview
As soon as you reach at the end of an article, the next article instantly appears which takes less than even a microsecond.

Mobile Responsive
Responsiveness in its each portion. No matter which device your readers visit from, it always appears with appropriate alignment with standard manner. Even the different sized smartphone devices adapt Meteor and return the outlooks that create an everlasting elegance in visitors mind.

I have looked and tried many other #joomla themes that came with good extensions along with customizing capabilities. I was just going to hire someone to get the look I wanted, but I found #Themexpert. I found their templates exactly what I needed with just the right extensions that work how they said and the module positions are perfect. I was hooked!

Guy Stubbe C.E.O, FMO Monthly

Weather Element
Show the current weather updates on the front-end with the beautiful weather element. Define the placement and its various configuration level is extremely easy controllable to ensure the flexibility at its best.

Date Element
An online newsportal without current time and date is utterly incomplete. Meteor Date Element allows you to show- current time along with day and date anywhere on its front-end.

Meteor is considered as the best Joomla magazine template, as it promises to provide you the most flexible web experience. Meteor is integrated with the most popular Joomla components- Easy Social, Easy Article and J2Store.


Integrating with this component means you have the extreme capability to make your website entirely a social website (like facebook) if you want. Its because we are to allow you having the ability to make your site whatever you like. You are beyond all limitations.

This Joomla component provides you that extreme power to seamlessly manage all articles on your dynamic website. Effortless composing, social media auto posting, incredibly ready for mobile devices, content importer are some of its highlighted features.

If you wish to have the ability to sell different stuff news-based website, its a great news for you as we bet. J2Store allows you the ability to make your website entirely a medium through which digital goods can be sold with absolutely no trouble.

At a glance Meteor
5 built-in Home Layouts
Drag and Drop Development
Supported with all Browsers
Highly Clean Codes
SEO Optimized
Fast Loading Speed
11 Header Styles
Meteor Article Element
8 Article Layouts
News Ticker
Video Element
RTL Supported
Lazy Load Image
Sticky Header
Ajax Search
Parallax Background
Transparent Header
Video Background
Full Width Home Variations
Box Layout Home Variations
Easy Customization
Smart Tab
Featured Article
Elegant Color Gradient
Adds Management
Popular Post Module
Latest Post Module
Highlighted Sponsored Article
Built-in all Necessary Pages
Multiple Post Formats
Social Share
Social Like Box
Multiple Category Page Styles
Multiple Article Styles
Infinite Category Scrolling
Facebook Commenting
Disqus Commenting
Instant Article Preview
Mobile Responsive
Weather Element
Date Element
3rd Party Extensions
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Support from its Developers
Get Regular Updates
Video Tutorials
Enriched Documentation